Rusty Cundieff has spent 30 years working in the Film and Television Industry on all sides of the camera.  Writing, Producing, Directing, Acting, Stand-up Comedy, Music Videos, he has done it all.

In television he directed the ground-breaking Chappelle’s Show as well as Bernie Mac and others.  His film Fear of  A Black Hat, which he wrote directed and starred in, was the first ever midnight screening at the Sundance Film festival, garnered rave critical reviews and became a comedy cult classic.  He also co-wrote and directed the critically acclaimed horror film Tales From the Hood and the romantic comedy Sprung.  

Rusty has directed music videos for artists Neil Young and Fishbone.  

Rusty has directed many of comedies brightest talents including: Dave Chappelle, the Human Giants, Wanda Sykes, David Allen Grier.

As an actor Rusty was in the films Hollywood Shuffle and School Daze as well as playing Theo Carver of the daytime soap Days of Our Lives.

He’s directed directed music video, film and television.  He has written for TV and film including CSINY, Hespent years as an actor, standup comic, writer, music video director, TV & Film Director, producer and teacher and found success in all areas.  

He has

  He has worked 

As a Television Director, I’ve directed Chappelle’s Show, Human Giants, Bernie Mac and more, 

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